Every day is a healthy day

Lose weight, detox and energize with our award winning detoxifying artisanal beverages.

The Product

Bongiorno aims to enrich the beverage market by providing a healthy and tasty drink. Vinegar has been a traditional tonic for better digestion and wellbeing in many societies since ancient days. Bongiorno is low in calories and  rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It offers a delicious way to enjoy vinegar’s many benefits.

Only fruit sugar

We like it naturally sweet. In fact, we go one step further. You won't find traces of natural sweeteners such as stevia in Bongiorno. Our drinks contain only fruit sugar obviously - except for the honey flavoured variant:).


For our drinks we use only organic ingredients. The raw material used has been carefully audited in compliance with European Organic Regulation CE 834/2007.


Balsamic vinegar contains large quantities of polyphenols which are claimed to have strong antioxidant properties. As such, our vinegar drinks support a detox diet helping to eliminate toxins, cleanse blood, promote digestion and burn fat.

Low calorie

Our drinks have low calories per serving. Only 19 calories per 100 ml to be precise. Bongiorno contains organic grape sugar to sweeten the drink. It has a neutral to slightly fruity taste aroma. It's sweet enough to be palatable, but low in calories.


Conscious of today's modern consumer driven societies backdrop on the world's well-being, Bongiorno Vinegar Drinks commits to a range of vegan friendly products.


We believe Genetically Modified Organism can disturb natural biodiversity. Additionally, risks on human and animal health are still being studied. In a vigilant approach to the debate, our drinks are all GMO-Free.

Made in Italy

In Italy nutrition is seen as an art rather than a sheer necessity. Only the best is good enough. We embraced this mindset in our journey to innovate the market developing a new category of products. All based on the healthy properties of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Apple Vinegar.


At Monari Federzoni, the Italian 4th generation family business behind Bongiorno vinegar drinks, we have been making premium balsamic vinegar in Modena since 1912. True passion for the finest flavours has been paramount throughout our history. Honouring family recipes from small batches, we're now proudly presenting vinegar-based functional organic drinks. Quality and specific beneficial properties are combined into perfection with Bongiorno for a refined and sophisticated taste.

All natural

Mahatma Gandhi once said — 'Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.' We fully agree there and think mother earth can be cultivated and cherished in the purest way to provide healthy, well-balanced nutrition for everyone. That's why you won't find any artificial ingredients in our recipes. We call that simply natural at Bongiorno Vinegar Drinks!