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Passione di Famiglia
Passione di Famiglia - Vinegar Drinks

Passione di Famiglia



This is the masterpiece of our heritage brand. The pinnacle of taste sensation in balsamic vinegar of the Monari Federzoni family. Thick, nearly like apple syrup. Both sophisticated with hints of liquorice as well as granny smith apples. A thick and velvety Balsamic Vinegar of Modena that strikes just the right balance of sweet and sour. We love to serve it with fresh strawberries!

A fun fact:

Do you know why there are rose bushes planted at the end of rows of grapes?

Rose bushes serve as an early warning sign of the health of the grape vines because

they are more susceptible to the same diseases, pests or lack of minerals.

Therefore, roses are excellent “sentinels” and help monitor and check biological

cycles. This product - “Passione di famiglia”- and the rose in the shape of a heart

pay tribute to the traditional method of planting rose bushes in the vineyard as

a “red light”, a technique that is still used today. Red roses are quite often

used in the vineyards from where the must to make the Balsamic Vinegar of

Modena is obtained. The heart salutes the passion of the family that has been

kept unabated for four generations.

A true story, worth telling.